List Of The Top 4 Camping Power Banks for 2023

Because of the proliferation of portable camping powerbank, sometimes known as power banks, going camping is no longer synonymous with abandoning all electrical conveniences.

Furthermore, there are clear advantages to charging your electronics even when you’re hundreds of feet from the next wall outlet. Having a working phone might be crucial in times of need.

We put 4 of the most popular camping power banks and solar chargers through their paces. There should be something here for everyone, whether they choose a compact and lightweight pocket companion or a robust and powerful savior.

GP Batteries Charge AnyWay

The Charge AnyWay from GP Batteries is a power bank, and it’s one of the most ingenious outdoor gear we’ve seen recently. It has four handy RecyKo+ rechargeable AA batteries. Each of these batteries can be utilized independently of the power bank.

This implies that you may use the power bank and these batteries to charge any gadget that uses batteries, such as a smartphone or a headlamp.

A dual-color LED indicator shows the charging state and makes it simple. Safety features like thermal cutoffs, current limits, and ground fault interrupters prevent damage from occurring in the event of an overload, misuse, or electrical fault.

Biolite Charge 20

The Biolite Charge 20 is the lightest and most pocket-friendly power bank we tested at less than 200 grams. It can charge most smartphones twice over because of its 5,200mAh capacity. You won’t have any trouble using it.

There is only one button, and it activates a four-LED battery indication. One micro-USB input and one 2.1A USB output allow for reasonably rapid charging.

The ports are shielded from dust and moisture by a flip-top cover, and the housing is made of sturdy stainless steel. Because of its IPX6 classification, the Charge 20 can withstand light rain and accidental spills. A charging cord is included for your convenience.

Goalzero Venture 70

The Goal Zero Venture 70 is an IP67-rated, very durable portable charger. You can fully charge a smartphone five times with its huge 17,700mAh battery. You may power two gadgets simultaneously using the two quick-charging 2.4A USB ports.

In addition, the Venture 70 boasts a smart charging function that can recognize various electronic gadgets. Then, it uses the safest and quickest charging profile available to avoid overheating the device. This feature also enables pass-through charging.

When the power bank is hooked to the wall outlet, it may still charge devices without risk. The 65-lumen LED flashlight features two brightness levels and three strobe modes, including an SOS option, which we found quite useful.

M-Series MP15MA GP Batteries

The GP power bank is compatible with the newest gadgets and charges them quickly with its USB-C and dual 2.4A USB outputs. There is enough power to charge three gadgets at once. With a 15,000mAh capacity, you can charge your smartphone four or five times in practice. A single button controls four LED lights that indicate device status, and auto-detection means you can plug it in and start using it. A micro-USB to USB-C adapter cable is included.



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