HP’s New Battery Life with Ultra-Sleek Releases

The HP brand is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about a reliable and high-quality computer. Yet did you know the company whose worth has risen to $36.67 billion was founded with just $583? The brand has steadily become one of the best laptop companies when it comes to providing long-life and standard batteries, in addition to their innovative features.

However, with the fast growth in the technological world, HP has had a stiff competitor in Apple’s releases. The most recent Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro leads the best laptop searches for its thinness and lightweight, among many other factors. But it could not surpass HP’s 8th generation of the Envy and Spectre X360 series’ excellent battery life.

Further extending the Notebook’s battery life, HP has made it possible to choose from 3-, 6-, or 9-cell options with up to 32 hours of run time.

Other favorable latest laptop models from HP having epic battery lives include:

  • Elite Dragon Fly with a gorgeous display and a razor-thin design.
  • ZBook Create G7, famous for epic specs and an ultra-slim workstation.
  • Omen 15, very powerful for gamers with varieties of sleek options.
  • HP Chromebook X2 with bright and high-resolution displays.

HP Battery, top consultants of genuine Hp laptop batteries, reveals an in-system check of how the company tests a laptop’s battery life before releasing it.  The company runs speed, speaker, volume, system heat, and battery life tests in the final evaluation. So they test the batteries by a continuous web surf over Wi-Fi with a maximum brightness of up to 150 nits. When a battery lasts for an average of 8½ hours, it is an excellent signal to pack the laptop for shipment.

Significant enough to give their users a simulating and interference-free experience, the company made HP Battery Support Assistant available in their latest models to check and test the battery’s health.

Quick Test for HP Laptop Batteries

From Windows 7 to Windows 11, all HP computers come with a built-in battery check utility responsible for diagnosing the battery’s ability to hold a charge. So the HP Support Assistant gives a user direct access to this diagnosis feature.

To quickly check the batteries state in HP laptops, the user will:

  • Plug in the adapter, ensuring the computer has at least 80% of charge.
  • Navigate to Start Menu > Select HP Support Assistant
  • Go to Troubleshoot > Power > Thermal and Mechanical > Click Battery Check

The support assistant should be readily installed in any 2019 HP models and other later versions. However, its accessibility varies in different models. So if you can’t see it through your start menu, you should consider downloading the latest version from HP’s website.

Upon running the application, you’ll see either a green or red battery diagram with a warning sign. The green battery will mean you don’t need to replace the battery. While the red means the laptop battery needs immediate replacement.

Best Tips to Maintain Your HP Laptop Battery

HP Battery experts advise on essential practices to extend the life of your battery. However, if the battery has already failed the check or if it was too weak to run the test, this would be a green sign for an immediate battery replacement.

It is only from the genuine sellers of HP Battery that you can be sure of:

  • A quality battery model with natural aging features.
  • Corresponding battery size matching any HP laptop’s case.
  • Fast and free delivery of the battery.
  • Satisfactory after-sales services, including a 30-day return policy.

So the best practices to maintain your HP Batteries are:

  • Avoid unnecessary bright light.
  • Turn off wireless connections that are not in use.
  • Turn off the laptop when you are not using it.


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