How to get a customized artificial grass mat?

It is not difficult to get a customized turf; you can easily reach any website, read the instructions and follow them to place an order. You need to tell your requirements to the artificial turf supplier. The company will cooperate with you and render satisfactory services at your command. You must follow particular guidelines and steps to inform the supplier about the desired product. Let’s look at the shape, size color, raw material and other features of artificial grass.

Shape and size:

You should measure the area where you want to place the turf. Then record the measurements and inform the supplier about the length and width of the grass mat. Companies can adjust their instruments and machines according to the requirements and can make relative fiber lengths.

You are not restricted to any particular turf shape. You can choose any desired shape for turf for use in a stadium, school, lawn, office or playground.


Factories produce specific dyes in batches to color the fibers in the initial stage. Various packs give out various colors, which are hard to match the other dye. This feature gives different shades to the fiber and gives an overall natural grass appearance. However, you can choose different colors and shades for your customized turf.

Raw material:

The prime focus in the entire manufacturing process is on the type of raw material. Mainly polymers of plastic, polyethylene or nylon are used to make the fibers of the turf. You can choose any fabric, or you can also go for recycled materials for the manufacturing process.

Other features:

You can choose other features like different base materials or making the turf water-resistant. You can demand strong and lightweight fibers which can bear heavy exercise and many other features. Companies fulfill such orders on priority to earn customers’ interest and loyalty.

Are customized turfs expensive?

Customized turfs require more attention and are irregular from average turf batch production. So, due to specific features, machines have to be instructed out of the regular routine, which may increase the overhead costs. This may automatically increase the sale price of the synthetic turf. So, these are a bit more expensive than other turfs, but their prices fall in an economical range.

Artificial grass for stadiums:

Different games require a different type of turf for fair results; such grasses can be made on demand. Companies produce huge turf according to the allotted dimensions. Companies also provide staff to install synthetic grass in the required area properly. A series of steps are involved in the customized production, finishing, packing, unloading and installation of the turf.

You can get turf at your place just by ordering it online; workers will install it efficiently. They will guide you about its easy maintenance and benefits.


Your investment in artificial turf will provide a long-term benefit to your place as it is durable. It can be replaced after 8-10 years, depending on where you use it. You can also customize small-sized portable artificial turfs for your homes or offices.



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